24 et 25 avril 2024 : CYSAT PARIS

Avr 16, 2024 | Events

Raising awareness about cybersecurity for space assets and data since 2021

Since 2021, CYSEC, a European cybersecurity company, has launched CYSAT, the biggest European event exclusively dedicated to safeguarding space assets and data.

The beginning of CYSAT traces back to 2019, when cybersecurity emerged as a critical concern in the space sector, particularly with the rise of civil and commercial missions. This period also witnessed an increase in private investments, particularly in small satellites, anticipating exponential growth.

As a cybersecurity specialist and inspired by the proactive discussions, conferences, and satellite hacking contests in the U.S., CYSEC recognizing the critical need to secure the space industry. As Europe lacked a dedicated space community addressing cybersecurity concerns, CYSEC took the initiative to create a customized event.

Giving the growing importance of data protection in space, CYSAT aims to bring together cybersecurity and space experts to cultivate a unique European ecosystem while tackling past, current and future industry challenges.



Station F
Parvis Alan Turing
75013 Paris


  • GDA Philippe Adam French Space Command
  • Philippe Baptiste CNES
  • Erin Miller Space ISAC
  • General Michel Friedling LookUp Space
  • Isabelle Sourbès-Verger CNRS
  • Philippe Pham Airbus
  • Christophe Grudler European parliament
  • Massimo Mercati ESA
  • Clémence Poirier ETH Zürich
  • Laurence Duquerroy ESA
  • Guillaume de La Brosse European Commission
  • Rodrigo Da Costa EUSPA
  • Nicholas Scheurkogel DISC
  • Etienne Gérain Priamos
  • Stefanie Grundner BSI
  • Benjamin Deporte IRT St-Exupéry
  • Johannes WillboldRuhr University Bochum
  • Louis Masson CYSEC
  • Massimo Panzeri ESA
  • Tülay Aydin Bundeswehr University Munich
  • Tarsicio López Delgado Rivada Space Networks
  • Cesar Carmona Tapia Rivada Space Networks
  • Florent Rizzo Cyberinflight
  • Samuel Visner Aerospace Corporation & Space ISAC
  • Paul Varela EUSPA
  • Jessie Hamill-Stewart University of Bath
  • Gabriele Marra CISPA
  • Ulysse Planta CISPA
  • Alexandra Weber Telespazio Germany
  • Peter Franke Telespazio Germany
  • Jens Ender CGI
  • Daniele Lacamera WolfSSL
  • Monika Adamczyk ENISA
  • Sven Bettendorf TÜVIT
  • Jacques Kruse Brandão TÜVIT
  • Brad Roeher The Aerospace Corporation
  • Brandon Bailey The Aerospace Corporation
  • Julio Vivero GMV
  • Eva Soussi Priamos
  • Marc Kneppers DISC
  • John Irving ESA
  • Andy Olchawa Visionspace
  • Christophe Möbius CGI
  • Donald de Arment CISA
  • Dimitra Stefoudi Leiden University
  • Lionel Salmon Thales
  • Nicolas Guillermin The European Commission
  • Mario Polino Leaf Space
  • Ari Kesäniemi ICEYE
  • Jean-Charles Faugère Cryptonext Security
  • Tom Leclerc Telindus
  • Mariano Cunietti D-Orbit
  • Andrew Thain Airbus Defence & Space
  • Philippe Bertrand EUSPA
  • Laurent Franck Novaspace | Satconsult
  • Charlotte Voisin Invest in Toulouse
  • Simon Johnson Innovaud
  • Yohann Bauzil LookUp Space
  • Anna Barraqué CYSEC
  • Marin Le Houelleur Prométhée Earth Intelligence
  • Ivan Janes Telespazio Germany
  • Ivan Lebowski Synology
  • Mathieu Bailly Director of CYSAT
  • Margaux Lucas CYSAT – Master of ceremony