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“Every manager, just like any human being, is unique. From this uniqueness is born the attraction that he has on the people around him. His individual radiance, self confidence, capacity to exercise responsibility without suppressing or humiliating and his aptitude to create value are all assets which allow a manager to heighten a leader’s challenge and to converge towards the success of his company. He will entail the others in his wake to discover potentialities where they are sometimes unsuspected. He will push them to exceed themselves and towards unexploited discoveries of intelligence and mind”.

TOP MANAGEMENT EVENTS aim to connect top managers with their peers in order to enable them to share knowledge, experience and solutions.


TOP MANAGEMENT was created in 1983 and has become, over the years, the one and only exclusive network dedicated to TOP MANAGERS in Belgium and Luxemburg with openings up to Europe (more than 10.000 profiles).

TOP MANAGEMENT particularizes itself through a certain amount of tools at the disposal of Top Managers.

These tools are based on the development of others acquaintances, they aim to make contacts between Top Managers easier (contacts facilitator) and to inspire Top Managers.


> Targeted information about Top Managers :

The TOP MANAGEMENT Belgium (hard cover book): a yearbook of Top Managers (7 000 profiles)

The TOP MANAGEMENT Luxembourg (hard cover book): a yearbook of Top Managers (1 500 profiles) access to the profiles of company leaders in Belgium and Luxemburg + information about TOP MANAGEMENT

TOP MANAGEMENT EVENTS: different formats of events aimed at top managers of major companies operating in Belgium and Luxemburg

TOP MANAGEMENT TV: all contributions of TOP MANAGEMENT Events speakers are broadcasted on the Internet + on and


> Our Principles

Only for Top Managers of major companies in Belgium and Luxemburg. TOP MANAGEMENT events only focus on CEOs, members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the largest companies

Between peers: we limit the participation of consultants to our events in order to allow the participants to profit from the possibility of sharing knowledge, solutions and business opportunities only between peers

Top Managers address top managers: our speakers are only top managers, academics and experts who bring their experience and ability of achieving results to our selected audience

Quality: all caracteristics (location, catering, etc.) of our events are defined to achieve the highest quality standards of our required target group

> Sponsoring package

° Communication program – Sending of personalized e-mailing or of paper invitations using the databases of TOP MANAGEMENT and its partners (Business Schools Alumni, etc). Sent to: between 7.500 and 10.000 top managers at least 4 times for each event with logos and a short presentation of all sponsors;

Tailor made invitations are sent to each sponsor to enable them to send specific e-mailings to their customers and prospects

In the majority of cases, the overview of the events is published on

° During the event – Sponsors receive the list of participants before the event in order to allow them to request certain participants at their table

A free participation to the event for one or more sponsor’s representative (depending on the event)

Privileged networking with top managers each time

Distribution of sponsor’s documentation in the “Thank you Pack” to each participant

° A customized support on the tableA roll up with the sponsor’s logo at the entrance and/or on the podium or a customized roll-up of the sponsor (depending on the event)

List of participants with sponsor’s logo given to all participants

Specifics: some events propose additional specific advantages (look at each event)

Sponsoring exclusivity – In the majority of cases, we only accept one sponsor per activity sector for our events in order to optimize the return on investment

Sponsoring highlighting: all our sponsors are orally presented at the beginning of all our events


Avenue des Casernes 41,

B-1040 Etterbeek
32 (2) 646 27 40

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